"The Physics of a Perfect Clean"

Cleaning involves a tug of war at the molecular level. Soil is connected to each other or a surface by molecular bonds. Some are stronger than others. The goal of the Blue Dawg cleaning process is to use the necessary ‘energy‘ to break these bonds and remove the soil. This is accomplished in 3 ways:

Pressure (Physical Energy) : High pressure washers physically removes the dirt, grease, mold or other enemy. These industrial strength machines provide the energy for physical removal. Consider it the muscle of the cleaning process.

Heat (Thermal Energy) : Hot water (up to 200 degrees) cleans much better than cold. Why? High temperatures cause water molecules to collide with each other at a high rate. This energy helps to break down and break up the bonds that hold the dirt and grime to itself and the surface you are trying to clean. It can literally melt away certain substances that have a lower melting temperature than the water being applied (grease).

Detergents (Chemical Energy) : Sometimes, pressure and heat do not provide enough energy to get the job done. The selection of a proper detergent for the existing cleaning challenge can be the key to great results. Your Blue Dawg professional has extensive knowledge of detergents and solvents to be used in an environmentally responsible manner.