Blue Dawg® is the industry leader in professional pressure washing solutions!

Blue Dawg Pressure Wash® is the industry leader in professional pressure washing solutions for your home or business. All Blue Dawg’s are locally owned and operated by a member of your community. Blue Dawg specializes in high heat washing and specific detergent usage for the perfect clean. Blue Dawg is part of a national property management company that is rated #1 by Entrepreneur Magazine and completes over 18,000 jobs a year and over 250,000 jobs since 1987. Jet-Black® Franchise Group is the corporate company of all Blue Dawg® franchises, and has been a national leader in the property maintenance industry since 1987. Jet-Black Franchise Group has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been rated a top franchise system in America. Being part of a national franchise system, Blue Dawg is held to high industry and customer service standards.

Other franchises operating under the Jet-Black® Franchise Group umbrella include Jet-Black® (asphalt maintenance services), Black Dawg® (asphalt maintenance services), Yellow Dawg® (parking lot line striping services) and Holly Dawg® (professional holiday lighting services). For more information on the Jet-Black® group of franchises, click on the icons below.

A Perfect Clean

Cleaning involves a tug of war at the molecular level. Soil is connected to each other or a surface by molecular bonds. Some are stronger than others. The goal of the Blue Dawg cleaning process is use the necessary ‘energy‘ to break these bonds and remove the soil. This is accomplished in 3 ways:

  • Pressure (Physical Energy)
  • Heat (Thermal Energy)
  • Detergents (Chemical Energy)

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Code of Ethics

The Blue Dawg Code of Ethics is an industry leading operational code that puts our customer first and is our word and bond.

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